Employing ISA students

Hire talented and motivated individuals ready to help you grow your business.

For Students

  • Focus on your education. We take care of your tuition fee and you will pay a percentage of your future salary
  • We evaluate you based on your potential to succeed, not only on your current financial situation
  • You only start making payments after you’re employed and only if you earn above a certain salary
  • We partner with some of the best companies to help you launch your new career

For Schools

  • Increase enrolment and student satisfaction
  • Focus on what you do best: Excellent education programs
  • Reduce the drop-off due to tution's cost
  • Benefit from a scalable financing solution through a dedicated partner

For Employers

  • First-hand access to a diverse pool of talent in fields of high demand
  • Dedicated partnership model to cherry-pick the right talent
  • Work hand in hand with StudentFinance and our partner schools to plan your future recruitment demand
  • We select the schools and students through a rigorous selection process, designed to invest only in the students who can become outstanding professionals

So much talent to hire


students financed


school partnerships

Web development 413
Data science 175
UX/UI design 44
Cybersecurity 43
Project management 3
Other 1

Employing our students

FAQ for employers

01 Who is StudentFinance?

StudentFinance is a venture-backed company with the mission of removing barriers to education and empower economic mobility.

We deeply believe in the power of education and that access to education should not depend on one's financial background. Currently, millions of people are in need of reskilling and are not able to fulfill their potential due to financial barriers. So we are building the technological, data, and financial infrastructure to offer outcomes-based financing. Through Income Share Agreements, people defer the tuition payment and only start making payments after getting a job. ISAs are all about aligned incentives, and so are we at StudentFinance. Our end game is supporting our customer's transition to employment and financial health.

To get there, we are building a world-class team of purpose-driven and entrepreneurial people, working in a remote setting from cities across Europe.

02 What are income-share agreements (ISA)?

An ISA is a contractual agreement in which someone receives education funding. In exchange, they agree to share a fixed percentage of their post–graduation income over a defined period of time.

03 Will it cost me anything?

There are no costs associated with hiring our students.

Our objective is to bootstrap the career of our Students so that they can start repaying their ISA. Our aim is to find our students their dream job + help them successfully transition careers.

04 Do employees with ISA need special work contract?


Employers don't hold any special responsibility of a ISA contract. Only the student, school and/or StudentFinance are responsible for the ISA.

05 Are bootcamp courses good?

Bootcamps focus on filling market needs. As such, they focus on training their students for the most up-to-date technologies, tools, and methodologies.

This creates professionals that can fill market needs in a short timespan.

Many bootcamp students are also professionals undergoing reskilling. This means that they have prior work experience in other fields, which frequently brings unique knowledge to a team and greater maturity.

Many bootcamp students are professionals undergoing reskilling. This means that they have prior work experience in other fields, which frequently brings unique knowledge to a team and greater maturity.

" It was one of my best career decisions and I am very happy that I have taken the Data Science path"

Minh Hoang
Minh Hoang