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What are the key terms of a Shared Income Agreement?
Shared Income Agreement Amount:
The amount of the loan which corresponds to the amount of your tuition.

Income Share Percentage:
The percentage of monthly income you will repay.

Required Repayments:
The number of monthly repayments required to fulfill your Shared Income Agreement obligation.

Final Repayment Date:
A Shared Income Agreement in good standing ends either when the cap is reached, the maximum number of repayments are paid or when the final repayment date is reached, even if - based on your monthly earned income - you have been required to pay less than the SIA amount or nothing at all.

Minimum Income Threshold:
The income that you must be earning in order to make repayments. If you are earning below that, then repayments are paused.

Repayment Cap:
The maximum amount you can be obligated to share, expressed as a multiple of the Shared Income Agreement amount.
What are the ways a Shared Income Agreement ends?
A Shared Income Agreement ends when one of these events occurs first:
(i) the student reaches the Maximum Number of Repayments (Repayment term);
(ii) the student reaches the Repayment Cap; or
(iii) the Final Repayment Date is reached (it ranges from 7 to 10 years from the date the contract is signed).
Do I still have to repay if I don’t finish the programme?
The total amount you are contractually obliged to pay back will reflect your school dropout policy. The day you inform both the school and StudentFinance your intention to terminate the course will be considered your drop out day and will be used to calculate the amount outstanding on a prorated basis. If your Shared Income Agreement needs to be prorated, we will always first check the percentage of days you studied (start date - informed drop out date), and we will use this same percentage to calculate the remaining amount to repay from your Shared Income Agreement cap value.
What would happen if I fail to report my income?
You are contractually required to report your income and income related details on a monthly basis per your respective Shared Income Agreement with StudentFinance. Failure to do so may result in enforcement action.
What is the risk associated with a SIA?
As with any financial product, the terms, conditions and risks should be carefully considered. It is important that you review your Shared Income Agreement contract and understand your obligations. We ensure that we are transparent with the Shared Income Agreement terms and conditions so that you find no surprises.