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📣   We recently closed our $41M Series A round.

Building the future starts with you.

A career mobility platform to support upskilling into the most in-demand market sectors, through data insights for career choice, flexible financing and matching with education programs and employers.

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Our graduates work for industry leaders

Helping everyone succeed.

Supporting you in every step of your learning journey.

How much do you earn per year before taxes?


for Students

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For individuals looking for flexible education financing.

X/per month
Our support:
  • Flexible financing options through ISA and FixPay.
  • Career support.
  • Mental health and wellbeing support.
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for Education Providers

partner with us

For schools looking to provide financing options for their students.

X/per month
Our support:
  • Flexible financing options through ISA and FixPay.
  • Career mobility support.
  • Data analytics mapping on the financial impact of your courses.
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for Business

bespoke solutions

For businesses looking for support in financing and implementing upskilling solutions.

Fixed/per month
Our support:
  • Employee skill mapping.
  • Course vetting through ROI data.
  • Flexible financing options through FixPay and ELSA.
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We are solving one of the largest economic issues of our era

The World Economic Forum predicts that we will need to retrain 1 billion people by 2030 in order to match the growth trend in technology required jobs*. We are developing AI models to map the future of the most in-demand skills across regions and industries.

The insight gained from our models help determine opportunity within the markets and guide graduates into jobs and estimate their future earning potential.

*World Economic Forum - Jan 9, 2023

We partner with leading education providers

We partner with leading education providers

and many more...

StudentFinance allows us to enrol students that otherwise wouldn't be able to attend our courses.

We think what they are doing is great and are key to the future of Ironhack.”

Tiago Santos

General Manager


25+ courses

I would tell other HR professionals… if you’re working on performance strategies with senior leadership just get Lattice. It will solve everything. Literally.”

Marvin Au

People Business Partner

Zeus Living

250+ employees

We never had a tool that made it easy to facilitate development… Lattice Grow is the missing piece to holistic talent management.”

Nicole Hopkins

Director of People Operations


170+ employees

Lattice collected our feedback directly. As a customer, it was great. It made us feel like they were building the feature just for us.”

Kae Bandoy

VP of People Development

Third Bridge

900+ employees

We ultimately we went with Lattice because it was simple and easy to use for admins and users.”

Lauren Yee

People Coordinator


100+ employees

We finance a range of courses

Software Engineering

Gain the skills to write software code and the the best practices for testing and working within a high performing team.

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Data Science

Data is the foundation of the future, being able to transform data into models & insights are what separate yesterdays businesses from tomorrows.

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UX/UI Design

New technologies are being developed everyday. But without good design, users don't know how to use it to amplify their lives. Help solve technology adoption.

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More and more of the world is becoming digital and that poses a new set of risks. Keeping our data & identity protected is as important as the experiences we build.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For forward-thinking organizations and life-long learners who are never ready to lose their edge, StudentFinance is your nexus for future-readiness. With a unique commitment to aligning business interests with individual goals, through a data-driven, sector-neutral approach that grasps the pulse of market, identifies learning opportunities and dismantles the financial barriers to achieving them. 

We fund concise, technology-focused courses lasting under a year, ensuring a tangible return on investment in your educational journey. Our goal is to optimize your path to career success.

An Income Share Agreement (ISA) is a financial tool for reskilling where an individual receives funding for their education in exchange for agreeing to pay a percentage of their future income over a specified period of time. Unlike traditional loans, payments on an ISA are contingent on the individual earning above a certain income threshold. If the individual's income falls below this threshold, payments are paused. If after the designated period the individual hasn't fully repaid the amount, the ISA may be forgiven. Essentially, the amount repaid fluctuates based on the recipient's post-education earning potential and success. There are no prior financial requirements to request an ISA.

Fixpay is a financial tool for upskilling that allows students to manage tuition costs by paying in monthly installments of €250, starting from the month they sign the agreement. Unique to this arrangement, if a student's income drops below a set threshold, their payments are temporarily halted. To be eligible for Fixpay, students must be enrolling in a part-time course and have a gross yearly income of €22,000 or more. This ensures that the system is both accessible for students and sustainable in its design.

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Our objective is to eliminate the barriers to education and close the global skills gap.

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