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📣   We recently announced our $41M Series A round!

Building the future starts with you.

A career mobility platform to support upskilling into the most in-demand market sectors, through data insights for career choice, flexible financing and matching with education programs and employers.

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StudentFinance operates in Spain, Portugal, and the UK. We are a private lending company and not affiliated with Student Finance England.

Our graduates work for industry leaders

Flexible pricing plans

Our pricing plans are affordable, fair and help you to succeed.

How much do you earn per year before taxes?

Future income



Our Shared Income Agreements are for those that want to spread the cost over a longer period of time.

X/per month
What’s included
  • 48 repayments
  • FixPay
  • Maximum repayment cap
  • Pay when earning above set threshold
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Current income



This product is for those that currently earn but want the added benefits of a Shared Income Agreement.

X/per month
What’s included
  • 18 - 36 repayments
  • 1 - 12% income share
  • Maximum repayment cap
  • Pay when earning above set threshold
Coming soon
Current income

Fixed instalments

Coming soon

Nice and simple. Divide your total payable amount by the number of months you borrow for.

Fixed/per month
What’s included
  • 12 - 18 repayments
  • Maximum repayment cap
  • Fixed monthly repayment amount
  • Pay when earning above set threshold
Coming soon

Representative example

John borrowed £10,000 to attend a 6-month web-development course in 2021. Career Advance Finance estimated his prospective income based on his profile and offered him a Shared Income Agreement of £10,000 for 12% of his income over 47 monthly repayments. John accepted the offer, successfully completed his course, and started a job 6 months after completing the course with a starting salary of £30,000 which then increases by 5% per year.

X/per month
John's annual income
12% monthly payment
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4
  • Amount borrowed: £10,000
  • Length of borrow: 59 months (including study and grace period)
  • Interest rate: 10.17% per year
  • Representative APR: 10.17%
  • Total amount repayable: £15,000

* In year 4, John will make 11 repayments of which the last will be  £170.Total amount repaid: £15,000

We are solving one of the largest economic issues of our era

The World Economic Forum predicts that we will need to retrain 1 billion people by 2030 in order to match the growth trend in technology required jobs*. We are developing AI models to map the future of the most in-demand skills across regions and industries.

The insight gained from our models help determine opportunity within the markets and guide graduates into jobs and estimate their future earning potential.

*World Economic Forum - Jan 9, 2023

We partner with leading education providers

We partner with leading education providers

StudentFinance allows us to enrol students that otherwise wouldn't be able to attend our courses.

We think what they are doing is great and are key to the future of Ironhack.”

Tiago Santos

General Manager


25+ courses

We never had a tool that made it easy to facilitate development… Lattice Grow is the missing piece to holistic talent management.”

Nicole Hopkins

Director of People Operations


170+ employees

Lattice collected our feedback directly. As a customer, it was great. It made us feel like they were building the feature just for us.”

Kae Bandoy

VP of People Development

Third Bridge

900+ employees

We ultimately we went with Lattice because it was simple and easy to use for admins and users.”

Lauren Yee

People Coordinator


100+ employees

We finance a range of courses

Software Engineering

Gain the skills to write software code and the the best practices for testing and working within a high performing team.

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Data Science

Data is the foundation of the future, being able to transform data into models & insights are what separate yesterdays businesses from tomorrows.

View all education providers →

UX/UI Design

New technologies are being developed everyday. But without good design, users don't know how to use it to amplify their lives. Help solve technology adoption.

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More and more of the world is becoming digital and that poses a new set of risks. Keeping our data & identity protected is as important as the experiences we build.

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Our objective is to eliminate the barriers to education and close the global skills gap.

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