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Shared Income Agreements

For students that want to spread the cost of their tuition over a long period of time. Pay a portion of your future income for a specified period so you can enrol onto a skills based course.

StudentFinance is a private lending company and not affiliated with Student Finance England.

SIA vs Traditional Loan

Shared Income Agreements offer several benefits over traditional bank loans. The primary difference is that an SIA is tied directly to your level of income. The less you earn, the less you pay. And if you earn below a specified threshold then your repayments are deferred until you do earn enough.

X/per month
  • Only pay when you earn above a threshold
  • Income sharing ensures your repayments are affordable
  • Longer repayment duration
  • You don't need to pay whilst you study
Future income



Our Shared Income Agreements are for those that want to spread the cost over a longer period of time.

X/per month
What’s included
  • 48 repayments
  • 12% income share
  • Maximum repayment cap
  • Pay when earning above set threshold
Apply now

Representative example

John borrowed £10,000 to attend a 6-month web-development course in 2021. Career Advance Finance estimated his prospective income based on his profile and offered him a Shared Income Agreement of £10,000 for 12% of his income over 47 monthly repayments. John accepted the offer, successfully completed his course, and started a job 6 months after completing the course with a starting salary of £30,000 which then increases by 5% per year.

X/per month
John's annual income
12% share payment
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4
  • Amount borrowed: £10,000
  • Length of borrow: 59 months (including study and grace period)
  • Interest rate: 10.17% per year
  • Representative APR: 10.17%
  • Total amount repayable: £15,000

* In year 4, John will make 11 repayments of which the last will be  £170.Total amount repaid: £15,000

Education Providers

Lo que nuestros estudiantes dicen sobre nosotros:

Gracias a estos chicos, pude cambiar mi carrera. Ahora realmente amo lo que hago, y puedo decir que en esta nueva industria gano tres veces lo que ganaba antes."

Gerald Andrei

UpgradeHub - Full Stack Engineering

Gracias a StudentFinance y su financiación ISA tuve la oportunidad de estudiar en un Bootcamp, lo que llevó a un cambio de carrera. Mi primera impresión sobre el programa fue - demasiado bueno para ser verdad."

Annabella Farroni

The Bridge - UX/UI

If you want to study and you need money to make your dreams come true, you have found the right place.”

Daniel Soria

The Bridge - Data Science

Our SIAs are available for a range of courses

Software Engineering

Gain the skills to write software code and the the best practices for testing and working within a high performing team.

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Data Science

Data is the foundation of the future, being able to transform data into models & insights are what separate yesterdays businesses from tomorrows.

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UX/UI Design

New technologies are being developed everyday. But without good design, users don't know how to use it to amplify their lives. Help solve technology adoption.

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More and more of the world is becoming digital and that poses a new set of risks. Keeping our data & identity protected is as important as the experiences we build.

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